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Millie Cass
26 May 2012 @ 09:59 am
So, it's done. I'm done. 14 years of my life, over. As of yesterday at half past three, I had left school! My body is not ready! I can't leave school yet, I've barely gotten the hang of it! I can't get my homework in on time, how the hell am I mean to feed and clothe myself and function like an actual, independent human being!?

We had 'Latintude', a festival themed last day. With wristbands and a stage and bands and such. I didn't really get emotional, until when we went back to Mo's afterwards, and tried to sign yearbooks and found we really... couldn't. Like, how can I summarise around one tiny photo in a few minutes everything that my friends of 7 years mean to me? You can't. We basically ended up filling whole pages and the front and back covers with quotes and funny stories, as if, if we can write them all down now we won't forget. I'm actually pretty sad now (though I'm not sure why because I know for a fact I'm seeing most of them next week and then absolutely bloody everyone for REEF 2k12, WOOOOH.) Steph got really rather tipsy, though, that was funny, and cheered us all up.

What other things have happened in my life? My dad started chemo the other week, he's not doing great, but he's as well as we could hope. I have a boyfriend now, boyfriends are cool. (Alec is lovely and buys me ice cream from town and cooks me turkey dinosaurs and when serving the turkey dinosaurs ensured that I got a stegosaurus and a triceratops instead of two stegosauruses, that's love that is). Avengers. Decided on Southampton. Went to Matt's house in Wales and got rained on a lot, discovering the wonder of Google translate reading things aloud ('Ex-que-ze me, dooze this have egg-in?'). Avengers. Got grandma's care sorted out. Avengers. Avengersavengersavengers. It is a seriously important event in my life right now. A lot of songs are off limits because of Avengers-related emotions now.

So I'm going to go change out of my crinkly dress which is still a little damp from the water fight that lasted hours yesterday and go do some work so I don't fail my exams and end up living in a box.

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Millie Cass
So, time has passed. Another set of exams has been and gone. New York, some snow, Sherlock series 2, Christmas and my first time ever playing Scrabble have been and gone. (For the record, I am awesome at scrabble).

And now it's half term! With that weird post-snow muddy-grass-ness that happens when all the snow melts. My mum and I are going to Newcastle again, for a post offer visit day, even though it's no longer my first choice. It will have to try very hard to entice me away from the beautiful clutches of Southampton.

I made Playdough the other day. You see, it's my turn to run the craft at the church kids group I help out at, and the story that week was the feeding of the four thousand. So, I'm going to make some orange Playdough, and some blue Playdough, and each child can make a little load and a little fish to take home. Yay! However, I first needed to assess that I can make Playdough. So I did two trial ones. First, I made a half-quanties batch (which I coloured pink because I love pink). Turns out, you don't even need half-quantities. I now own far more pink Playdough than I can ever see myself needing. I could sculpt a small mountain range out of the volume of pink Playdough that I now possess. I also did a second trial run of colours, which worked fine, and then I used them all to make a small Playdough pony, who is rather sweet and is sitting on our kitchen window, although she does seem to lean rather heavily to one side.

My gran visits today, and I haven't seen her in a while, so I'm going to attempt to bond with her over Captain America. Because, you know, the 40s. And Chris Evans. I'm sure we'll both like that.

(Also, did everyone see Miss Piggy interviewing Michael Fassbender at the BAFTAs last night? And Colin Firth giving Meryl Streep her shoe? These are the sorts of things that remind me the world is a good place.)
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Millie Cass
19 August 2011 @ 06:09 pm
Got my results, am happy with my three As and a B. Shame the B is in Chemistry, not Physics, but - what ya gonna do? The Furbs said she would consider predicting me an A, and until I'm sure about that I'm not 100% on dropping physics. Wait, I am. Because I hate physics. It's more like I'm not 100% about carrying on Chemistry. Wait, no, that's no right either.

Although I am fairly certain I have to drop physics, because I haven't revised for the test when we go back. 0:)

So, yes! Finished work experience, had a lot of fun with that. I made rainbow cupcakes yesterday, to bring in as today was my last day. They had 5 layers - red, orange, yellow, green and blue (I tried to make purple, but it ended up looking brown, so I added some cocoa powder and almonds and made some chocolate ones for myself). Then I frosted them with this lovely white, vanilla-y frosting from Lorraine Pascale and brought them in. They went down well. :)

Going to miss work experience, though, yes. Everyone there was so, so lovely! Even if I did nearly faint during the bone graft today…

If a patient wants dental implants (ie a denture that can snap on and off the jaw, rather than be squished into the top and cover the roof of the mouth and needs replacing every year), there needs to be sufficient width of the bone for to place the little implant studs. If there isn't, you can transplant some bone from somewhere else in the jaw, place it there and allow it to mould on and grow, so that the bone grows and is wider and can hence be used.

This involves cutting back the gum, peeling in back and exposing the bone. (There are actually two layers of the gum - the pink one we see, and a layer of blood vessels underneath, which means when you do this it BLEEDS LIKE STINK.) After that, you get a small thing that is basically a cheese grater with a box on the side, which they draw across the bone (omg nails on a chalkboard at this point) and pick up little flakes of bone, which is mixed with blood and a bovine bone-mix, then packed into the thin area, covered and sewn back up.

I was standing around for about an hour and ten minutes of this two hour procedure, when I started to get kind of woozy. And my stomach started churning, and my teeth went all fuzzy like they do before I get sick so I excused myself rather than repeat the minibus-on-the-way-to-DofE experience. I had a glass of water outside and everyone fawned over me, before I manned up and went back in.

...Tea time now, with shortbread biscuits.
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Millie Cass
18 August 2011 @ 08:51 am
Just over an hour to results and I AM NOT TAKING THIS WELL OH DEAR. D:

I might actually cry. I'm sitting here eating chocolate weetabix, with all of my stupid good luck charms (Mr Barnaby's badge, my Mew keyring and my Good Omens earrings) either on me or in my bag, and I might actually cry.

I'm most worried about doing so badly that it's pointless to carry on work experience, but everyone there is so nice that of course I'll stay to the end of the week, except I'll just be wandering around looking at the sky screaming 'WHAT IS THE POINT?'. Urgh, why did work experience have to be so good? Everyone there is lovely! I kind of wish I'd gone and hated it, because that would be helpful, only now I'm even more torn about weather to do dentistry or english.

Oh well. I guess today decides that.
Millie Cass
13 August 2011 @ 10:50 pm
So, yes. Feburuary.

It was a while ago. So I'm just going to skip over all that stuff and LET'S CARRY ON.

Urm, I finished Gold DofE. Went very close to Mount Snowdon, but not quite over the top. But we totally could have done it! And we went up Devil's Kitchen, which was as lovely as it sounds. I cried halfway up because I fell over and whacked my ear on a rock (and I swore loudly and feel bad because I may or may not have startled a woman going down beside us).

We saw Pete again, who was our supervisor who was equal parts annoying, informative about botany and kind of awesome. We remember him fondly. And Chumble, much love for Mr Chumble.


Speaking of such, music was an awful large part of DofE. We sung a lot of S Club 7, Liberty X and Steps. Piers and I headed up the group on the final day, map reading and singing classic 80s rock. Every time someone tripped over a rock on the path, they'd shout 'Rock!' and everyone else would reply 'Dance everybody, make it hot in this party!'. It was fabulous.

Also, there was much Brother Bear.

Um, what else. Oh! I've had my bedroom painted. Pink and pink and blue (well, the carpet is blue, but as it contributes to the colour scheme I'm counting it okay). It's nice. I had to clear my room out, and when I put it all back in I thought - rather than putting all of my books back on my bookshelf, I'll only put the ones I really want back on. So its, like, half empty but it's got all my awesome stuff and my piggy bank and my magic 8 ball. I have an intelligent looking shelf (Austen, Gatsby, God of Small Things), a 'books I read when I was younger' shelf, a 'Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter' shelf (they share because they're BFFs, tru fax).

But really? The best bit is 'the awesome shelf'. On it is Good Omens, Hitchhiker's Guide, The Five People You Meet In Heaven, and John the Kindle. AND A TARDIS I MADE OUT OF FELT HELL YEAH.

Results soon, holiday after. Then New York! Awesome stuff soon. (Apart from results.)
Millie Cass
17 February 2011 @ 09:26 pm
I'm a happy person.

I'm not sure why I feel the need to say that, I just do. Most people know it about me anyway. But I was walking back home from school today, with the silly grin on my face because we watched Terminator in physics and I was listening to happy music on my iPod, and I walked past Rory (Sealand, Trombone Rory who I had scooter races against in the gym during the school musical last year) who was all 'Someone looks happy'.

And I was all 'Yeah. Yeah, I am.'

Life is good. :'D

Since my last update, I have been to a number of sleepovers, all you can eat restaurants and trips to the cinema. I have baked cookies five times, cupcakes twice and a creme brulee once. I've lost touch with my dream of dentistry, and had a plethora of different courses open up in front of me. Like a giant, metaphorical road of motherfucking dreams.

Speaking of which, prospectuses have started arriving for me. Not really thinking about it until March, though, when I get my January results.

I'm doing DofE Gold this year, for some reason. Bronze was hilarious and brilliant, and Gold will be pretty much the same. Only longer, harder, colder with more rain, more hills and less sleep. But seeing as last time we broke a wall and ran screaming from a gang of murderous horses, I'm in it for the LOLs.
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Millie Cass
16 December 2010 @ 08:58 pm
Alas, this is my last post from my lovely home.

I move house tomorrow, to a pretty little three storey house in town. Very close to my pals and school and all, but it's sad, you know? I've never moved house. This has always been my home. When I left this morning it was normal and I come back and there's no furniture and all our family photos are off the walls and my dolls house furniture has all been wrapped up too and Pierre and Flora and Buttons are wandering around the house with 'wtf is going on' expressions upon their little whiskered faces. I cried a little earlier while cleaning and listening to sad songs.

All in all it is very sad, yet terribly exciting.

Last day of school tomorrow, with the added bonus of Secret Santa. I hope my person enjoys their present muchly. It will be the final chance for Mrs Exelby to actually function as a teacher and give my essay back before I start sending her polite-yet-ever-so-slightly-bitchy emails. Come on, woman, it's been what - three weeks? I just want to know if I've improved from a C. That's all I ask.

Speaking of improving, I got an A in my Biology mock, A in my Physics mock (I KNOW RIGHT :D) and a C in my Chemistry mock, which was actually the same mark as the A in Biology, but thanks to dickish grade boundaries, I only got a C. But - hey. Better than the E that I got last time.

Our TV signal has been cut off now, so I only had my recorded programs on Sky + to watch, so I enjoyed Phineas & Ferb and The Muppets Christmas Carol last night. Oh, how I do love The Muppets Christmas Carol. <3

(Bonus story - When planning our Christmas Review (which never actually happened), we were discussing doing Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. We allocated the main parts - I was going to be the Ghost of Christmas Present - and were discussing if we'd film it or not, and which point Molly injected 'Wait! We need the rat and the guy with the long nose!'

Yes, Molly thought that Gonzo and Rizzo were actual characters from the Dickens novel. :3)

Anyway, you know, holidays are going to be fun. Though there will be much exam revision to be done and many paint colours to chosen (I will have to borrow Mo's Dulux colour chart), I want to take some time out and simply chill.

And open presents. :)
Millie Cass
07 November 2010 @ 04:48 pm
I suppose I cannot evade the point - I really haven't been updating this much. Or at all. But don't fear - my updates will be back on top form before you know it!

But I digress. ~
I write to you now, having just bathed a balding, 10 year old dog with shampoo that smelled like the fondant filling in Strawberry Dream Quality Street. And my favourite beach towel.

I had a lovely evening at Sophie's on Friday, watching the fireworks, discussing with Neil in a west London accent about whether you can go north if you're at the North Pole (we decided you cannot) and singing campfire songs around the dinner table.

Perhaps more relevant, though, is the wonderful time I had a Mobear's last night, wherein we watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, were mentally scarred and - due to a lack of U rated films to watch - played on Wii Play until 2:30 in the morning, in particular greatly enjoying the one with the trains, and playing against the Mii that looked like Gamu.

I think my Chemistry assessed practical went well, if you define well as 'a substantial failure'. Seriously, it went that badly. Actually, that's a lie - the practical part I might have scrapped by on, but for the last question I was this close to getting the right answer but, of course, I had to do 18-18 = 0 rather than 18/18 = 1. A substantial lack of sense was to be had.

I bought this month's Issue of Vogue today, because Emma Watson is on the cover and is absolutely beautiful. She's a very inspiring young woman. :) Also, I want to get my mum some really nice jewellery for Christmas, and need ideas.

(Yes, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.)

In my community service this week, Alec and I supervised small children picking up leaves to make cards and bookmarks. And while the cute little year 7's stuck leaves onto pieces of paper, I made a bookmark where the leaves all overlapped and graduated from brown to yellow to orange. It was very arty, and I can't wait until next Thursday when it will be all laminated and ready to me to ... mark books with? :D

Monday A Week tomorrow, which is nice. Get to spend time with all the lovely people in my form in HEE. :)
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Millie Cass
03 September 2010 @ 05:50 pm
So kiddies, I'm back :D

Camping was an absolute blast. Although the rain remained strong, and our tent leaked until we draped massive groundsheets over the top, it was an awesome time with my favourite people in the world. We hung out a lot in the pub in Charlbury - dissing Mrs Sinclair and playing Pokemon Guess Who - , and our day in the Chipping Norton outdoor swimming pool (with Molly's clothes shut in her locker and the creepy lifeguards watching us all go down the slide at the same time) was goodtimes too. :D

I loved the completely random shed in the middle of the campsite, complete with it's broken door and leaky ceiling. The kitchen ruled, as did our cooking, with the exception of Friday's breakfast:

Molly & Helen: Let us cook!
Neil: Um....no.
Molly &Helen: Pleasseeeeee?
Neil: *sigh* Oh,okay.
- one meal of porridge later -
Millie: Neil, why did you let them cook?

Kidding, loved the porridge. (Not.)

Anyway, I went back to school today for our first day of sixth form. We've got an awesome form, complete with Jonny Haseldine :D, even though it is R2. I can cope with this, though, with practise.

I got home today, and found a surprise waiting for me - my parents had been into the attic, and found Teddy Two Kisses. Allow me to explain - he's this really fluffy giant teddy bear, maybe the size of a large sheep, and when I was little he was so big I had to give him two kisses to be, you know, proportional to his size. Hence, Teddy Two Kisses. He's currently sat on the chair next to me, chilling.

As you may or may not be aware, I'm currently onto my second Macbook Pro. You see, after being in the house for 5 minutes, my grandmother spilled sherry all over my Macbook. You see- sherry is a sweet, sticky alcoholic drink, which is usually drunken out of a large shot glass. My grandmother however, drinks it out of a wine glass. And she spilt the whole glass on my shiny new computer. Which prompty fizzled to death, and sherry started pouring out of the CD Rom drive. We got another one, though, since it was covered on the insurance. And I didn't loose any photos or anything, so it's all good. ~

Going out with the guysh to EAMAYL tonight. There are 11 of us. We might as well as made it an official form outing. :D
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Millie Cass
So, as it turns out, I didn't do all too badly :)

I got two Bs (french and RS) and three As (english, english lit and maths) and the rest A*s. Which makes me really, really happy. Obviously it's not as spectacular as some peoples *cough* Molly and Neil *cough*, but it's better than my predicted on the most part, and it's all I needed and some more to get into sixth form. So, yeah. Pleased.

After a brief spazz at our Non-Failure, we went to Tescos to purchase camping supplies. This was very fun, as our trolley was full of at least 80% Tesco Value - else I don't know we managed to only spend £30 - and I didn't get the sausages I wanted.

You see, the 8 pack of Richmond sausages, which are, for the record, the most amazing sausages ever, was £1.50. And I won my case for these, hands down. Until we got around the corner and they all aw a 12 pack of Tesco sausages for £1. So of course we got those instead. Eck. This - coupled with my resistance to aid in the purchasing of a bag of jam doughnuts, due to my hatred for jam doughnuts - lead me to be dubbed 'Millie the Miser'.

Then me and my mumma went shopping. Now, I'd already been saving for a Macbook Pro to replace my dying PC for a while and I had about 80% of the money, but as a reward for my Non-Failure, my parents went half way with me. And I am now the proud owner of - and currently typing from - a new Macbook Pro. 13", 4GB, 250 hard drive. But ffffffffff IT'S SO SHINY. AND GLOWY.

Camping tomorrow! Packing is proving to be a challenge, but I'm sure I can climb this mountain.
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